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I’m tired of living in the past ..

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Real opening credits from Supernatural.

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Killian Jones + confessing his love to have his heart broken just after

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jmo & colin :: official captains of our ship

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this woman that broke your heart, do you still love her?
- y e s
how am i supposed to trust a man who doesn’t believe in love?
- i  s t i l l  d o .
the next time your lips touch emma swan’s, all of her magic will be taken. everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone.
- i  w o n ’ t  d o  i t .

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I just wanted to say that I didn’t know Thresh, I only spoke to him once. He could have killed me, but instead he showed me mercy. That’s a debt I’ll never be able to repay.

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Beatrice was a girl I saw in stolen moments at the mirror, who kept quiet at the dinner table.  This is someone whose eyes claim mine and don’t release me; this is Tris.

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"I think that, you know, when someone comes into your life…that you have a strong response to that. I definitely have a strong response to people that come into my life and go like, ‘I accept you as you, and I want you to be the best version of you.’ And he’s doing that for her."

Jennifer Morrison on Emma’s romance with Captain Hook [X]

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Anonymous sent: isn't it kind of creepy that hook watched emma/the family through his telescope though? why is everybody saying it's cute? we all bagged on jefferson and called him a creep for watching people through his telescope, up to and including his own daughter whom we know he was just keeping an eye on, yet it's not creepy when hook does it? idk i just feel so uncomfortable about people calling this act cute, i really do. a simple look back would have sufficed and been less creepy to me.




I apologize, friend, but this was probably not the best place to come with this question.

First off, I’m not much of a Jefferson fan.  Not that I dislike him, he just didn’t grip me as a character like many of the others have, and I’ll be honest—I don’t remember a ton about his first episode.  What I do remember is that you were supposed to find Jefferson creepy at the beginning of his story—before you understood what he had been through; what he knew.  It’s creepy for a strange, lonely shut-in to spy on a little girl who is seemingly happy with her family.  It’s not creepy for a father to gaze longingly at the daughter who doesn’t even know that he exists.  If I’m correct, once the context of the episode was clear—that Jefferson remembered their time in FTL—his actions were much more understandable and forgivable, and interpreted as tragic rather than terrifying.

Also, just from a personal perspective, I don’t think it was the spying that I found especially creepy—it was the kidnapping and threatening to kill unsuspecting women.

On to Killian—I think you’ll find that my answer for Jefferson pretty well translates into how I feel about Killian: context is everything.  When Jefferson was a wealthy eccentric spying on a child, it was creepy.  When he was a cursed father longing to be reunited with his beloved daughter, it was tragic.

If Killian had been spying on Emma at the beginning of their story, it probably would have been a little weird.  But in context?  Look at what was just taken from the man.  He is separated from the woman he loves, who has just started to open up to him, and he now fears getting to close to her lest he bring her harm.  He is separated from the boy whom he has come to love like a son; the only one who cannot and has not judged him based on his prior life.  He is separated from the man and woman who have started to accept him as family when he never thought he would have family again.  They wanted him to be there.  Emma, in particular, assumed he would come along and was clearly confused and slightly hurt when he didn’t join them.  They have all assumed him as part of their family.  Is it really creepy that he would look longingly on the scene of which he so longs to be a part, the scene that he was explicitly invited to join, but is afraid of destroying with his presence?

"a simple look back would have sufficed." I respectfully disagree.  That’s his life in there.  His whole life.  He has given up literally everything to be with her, with them.  Now he fears it being ripped away.  His love has been cursed, his new family has been threatened.  I don’t think there’s anything creepy at all about him looking on longingly.  If he had been staring at them from the window, their reaction wouldn’t have been fear or disgust—it would have been to invite him to join them.  The distance from the window does not change the emotions involved.  Killian is on the brink of losing everything, and I don’t think there’s anything creepy about his regret.